« Hey, Macklemore! Can we go thrift shopping? »

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The point isn’t to be hip; it’s to be eco-friendly.

“Thrifting,” or the act of shopping at second hand stores, is one of the favorite past times of the cultural subgroup called “hipsters” and is right up there with a love for fair trade coffee and underground music. Thrifting is both a lot of fun and good for the environment. How is it good? Well think about it this way. When you go into clothing stores there are usually a lot of options, right? And each option doesn’t only come in one size, does it? So there are a lot of things for sale, in a lot of sizes and colors and there are a lot of stores as well! All of this new production takes energy and uses resources and usually takes place in developing countries with pour working conditions and inexpensive labor. That’s where second hand comes in, there are already millions and millions of sweaters made who have already been loved just waiting for you to pick them up. Sure, you may not walk away with EXACTLY what you were looking for but you’ll surely walk away with something no one else will have and just a little more flair to your personal style. Make a day of it, bring your friends and check out some of the many second hand stores here in Paris. And hey, it’s okay to spend a little money; you’re helping the environment after all aren’t you?

Here are some addresses in Paris :


-Sasha Marie Helton


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