The world’s greenest university

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For the second time in a row, the University of Nottingham (UoN) has once again topped the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking, adding yet another award to the already long list and reinforcing its place as the ‘greenest’ university in the world. The ranking compares 360 universities from 62 countries, each assigned a score in 6 categories, including Energy and Climate Change, Waste Management, and Education. These cover a wide range of criteria, from the percentage area of campus covered in vegetation to the number of student organisations related to the environment and sustainability.

This year’s result continues UoN’s upward trend and is a reflection of its pledge to lower its impact on the environment and reduce the effects of climate change, which is likely to be the defining issue of the 21st century. UoN has long been committed to improving its environmental image, and has the awards to show for it! In the four years that the GreenMetric contest has been running, the University of Nottingham has been named champion three times, consistently improving its score. In addition to having the world’s most sustainable campus, it is also the only university to have won the Green Flag Award for Parkland greenery every year for the last decade.

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The GreenMetric competition allows universities that make a greater contribution to the green movement to be praised, while theoretically ‘naming and shaming’ other universities into increasing their efforts regarding campus sustainability and environmentally friendly university management. The idea being that all the universities involved continue to improve their work, ultimately leading to a world in which there are at least 360 institutes of higher learning with a dedication to combating anthropogenic climate change. While the competition has only been active for half a decade, there is a clear positive trend in the commitment to tackling environmental issues commitment of these universities, with Nottingham leading the way and consistently improving at a faster rate than any other university in this time. With climate change becoming an increasingly important part of the global political agenda, it is reassuring to know that universities are adapting to the challenge, and that my home university is leading the way.

 – Anjuli R. Kumar S. –

(Graphs constructed by Mr. M. C. Gorvett)


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